Avoiding accidents altogether is ideal, but even luxury vehicles require maintenance. Shops that cut corners or make repairs on the cheap do their customers a major disservice in the long run. That’s why German Motors uses only the highest quality parts and always stays up-to-date on everything from tires, brakes, and cooling systems to engines, transmissions, and steering systems. The end result is the highest performing vehicles on the road, not to mention the best looking.


At German Motors, we’ve heard BMW dealerships tell customers that their transmission fluid is a lifetime fill, allowing BMW to profit selling new transmission assemblies when the transmission starts slipping gears. This occurs somewhere around 70-90K miles. At German Motors, we recommend flushing the transmission every 50K miles instead. It’s more efficient to regularly service the transmission fluid and filter than to pay the cost of replacing a transmission, as you might imagine. In addition, German Motors is sure to flush the transfer case, front differential, and rear differential every 50K miles. You’ll be paying a fraction of the cost this way. At German Motors, we want our customer’s car to perform at optimal levels and we want to save them money in the process!

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